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Resolve estate administration issues with the help of Beth Hillis at The Hillis Law Firm in Rincon, Georgia. Her expertise ensures that your estate will be safely and fairly administrated.  Preparing for death, while unsettling, is a major help to your loved ones.  By providing them with a 'road map' they are able to move forward and follow your wishes without having to guess and fight about what they think you wanted.
Counseling - Estate Administration

Probate Law

Draft wills and advanced healthcare directives, manage estates, and handle guardianships under the counsel of our experienced attorney.

We can help you draft a durable health care directive that gives you control of your health care options when you are unable to speak for yourself.

If you have experienced a recent death in the family, avoid legal battles by seeking her law firm to help your family move forward.  By having a will you can protect your assets and desires.

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